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Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre

Fantastiche Visioni - 2019

ph. Emilio Tini

Kataklò performers pose for photographer Emilio Tini: the mind, eyes and heart in fashion photography.

Exploration. To find, to unearth, to grasp a new visual path of original cleanliness, balance-his manifold world-and from logic, his logic: precise, rigorous and why not perfectly sensual and ironic.

Pathway. Ordered into a clear and subtle, focused, decisive idea of the image and photography, his photography, where the parallels between literature, philosophy and the concept that becomes the object (and subject) to be photographed never randomly collide and the photos-his are featured in some of the most interesting and important fashion and non-fashion editorials-perhaps encapsulate entire books he has read (I think of Kafka, Proust, Kundera), still-living memories, academic fragments or adolescent and non-adolescent eras spent understanding-watching-studying-loving the work of name-masters like Avedon, Bresson, or Penn, Tillmans, Newton, Arbus, Woodman.