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Artistic Direction
Giulia Staccioli

Giulia Staccioli

Artistic Direction

A choreographer and director, she founded the company Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre in 1995 and has been its artistic director ever since. She was a champion rhythmic gymnastics finalist in the Los Angeles '84 and Seoul '88 Olympics. After finishing competitions, she moved to New York to study dance at Alvin Ailey Studios, where she established her quality as a performer by joining the American company Momix. Through these experiences she began to outline the Kataklò Project. His creativity is the main driving force behind the company's repertoire, which employs highly versatile and skilled performers and frequently serves prestigious occasions: for the Opening Ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, he conceived and choreographed the Five Rings: an icon of the Games and a tribute to the Olympic spirit

For his artistic activity he has received prestigious awards.

Awards & Recognition

"FAIR PLAY" Sports and Entertainment Award
HESPERIA Award in the edition dedicated to dance and its expressions
POSITANO "LEONIDA MASSINE" Award for the art of dance.
UNESCO Award "For contributing through sport to the promotion of international cooperation"


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