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Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre

National Day Kuwait Expo Milano 2015

In September 2015 Giulia Staccioli and a group of 19 Kataklò performers are involved by Hansel Cereza, a prestigious Spanish artistic director as well as a founding member of Fura dels Baus , to participate in the production of the show ” The Pearls Divers” for the celebration of the National Day of Kuwait. The show, full of homages to Arab culture and embellished with impressive and complex stage machinery, is staged on September 15, 2015 in front of the much-visited Kuwait Pavilion at the Milan Expo in the presence of the Royal Family and a large audience. This months-long collaboration between Spain and Italy has created a very close-knit and professional artistic, technical and production team capable of overcoming the hardships and difficulties of a long-distance production and coping with the inconveniences of a week of night rehearsals with great positivity and serenity.