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Giulia Staccioli

Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre

Hongcun Aju Show

In the summer of 2012 Giulia Staccioli was asked by Angelo Bonello to sign the choreographies of the permanent show Hongcun Aju (literally the girl from the village of Hongcun) a majestic Chinese production that is performed daily from March to October in Hongun, one of the oldest and most touristy areas of China and a UNESCO heritage village.

The show has sold out for more than 3 months since its premiere and to date is considered one of the top shows in the Chinese market. Hongcun Aju takes place in purpose-built theater with water, ground and aerial performances and features large moving stage machines. In this setting, performances by dancers, stuntmen and actors follow each other for an hour and 20 show.