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In this section we have collected the questions we are most frequently asked in order to provide you with a set of answers right away that can guide you in your choices for a possible career path here with us at Kataklò Academy.

from the 20-year experience of the Kataklò Company the first professional training academy in Athletic Dance Theatre

Accademia Kataklò

di Giulia Staccioli in DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami

Accredited body for professional training services Lombardy Region Register – registration 1274

It is an Academy of High Professional Training for athletes theatre performers opened in 2010 in Milan within the spaces of DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami. It is directed by Giulia Staccioli former Olympic finalist gymnast (Los Angeles ’84 AND Seoul ’88) and founder of the company Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre. After 15 years since the founding of Kataklò, Giulia Staccioli has decided to make available to those who wish to begin an artistic path of athletic theater what has been her personal experience as a gymnast and the work done on her dancers within the company. The idea is precisely to offer guidance and a structured path for gymnasts and dancers who want to enhance and expand the skills they have acquired.

Absolutely. A gymnast’s skills, developed and transformed with proper study, become a very rich potential to be expressed in the arts. The real difficulty for a gymnast is to be able to broaden his or her views by not limiting them to just demonstrating skill as gymnastics in itself requires. Kataklò Academy seeks the complete theatrical gesture, that is, one that requires in-depth study and a willingness to unhinge certain mental settings.

Yes, even a dancer can enter Kataklò Academy and become a well-rounded performer. Unlike the gymnast, he does not have the foundation of athletic power and acrobatics but, by working properly and with a well-structured path, he can improve his limits and enhance the elegance of the gesture acquired in dance.
A dancer with a significant technical background can achieve extraordinary strength of action.

Kataklò Academy is also open to those who do not have specific expertise in dance or gymnastics. The work in this case will be more focused on compensating for gaps and achieving a good preparation in the required areas in order to build a solid professionalism.

The big difference between Katakló Academy and circus schools is the training path. The latter, while offering broad training, tend to make the individual specialize in a single technique. Kataklò Academy distances itself from this so much because its aim is to build a multifaceted artist by also providing him or her with specific skills such as aerial technique, but above all by working on building a broad motor vocabulary that can be declined in various genres.

Accademia Kataklò, at the behest of Giulia Staccioli, is the synthesis of sports and entertainment: a sports and athletic mindset applied and used in an artistic sense. Gymnastics is an activity that starts at a very young age, requires a lot of daily commitment, and is exhausted at a young age. At the conclusion of the gymnastic career, whether it has been competitive or amateur, Kataklò Academy offers the opportunity to continue its path and really give itself opportunities for the future. This is the message that the Founder, coming herself from the world of sports, would like to communicate to the coaches so that they would pass it on to their own children who have dedicated so many years of work and so much commitment to gymnastics.

Selections take into account the dancer or gymnast’s previous training and mental disposition. Since the purpose is to train a multifaceted performer, those who audition are not required to have training in all areas of expertise, otherwise the Academy would be meaningless! However, there must be a preponderant interest and determination to grow in precisely those aspects that have never been taken care of and developed.

The physical requirement is the ability to stand in fatigue. The Academic Pathway includes important motivational work on an individual who is building himself not only artistically but more importantly mentally to thus become a professional who can handle stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

For the training of complete professionals there are 3 years of study during which athletic and dance-related subjects are covered. The course involves a daily commitment of 4 to 5 hours a day for 5 days a week, with follow-up examinations in February and end-of-year examinations for transition to the following year.

Among the subjects studied are those of the dance department (work on posture, harmonization of actions and in-depth study of theatrical gesture) taught by Susanna Beltrami Academy-accredited dance masters and athletic subjects (muscular structuring and specific techniques related to acrobatics, aerial technique and the use of tools). In addition, students are prepared for real performance moments on both the Kataklò repertoire and original choreography.

The professional training course (PAT Professional Athletic Theatre) can be entered from age 15 and up. However, Accademia Kataklò also offers training to those below this age: in fact, the PRE PAT course provides an introductory period to the actual academic course, including only a few lessons of the latter. It is precisely designed for children who are still studying and do not have the opportunity to attend fully.
In any case, the PAT course provides only afternoon classes so that those who take it can also attend high school. There are also merit scholarships that are made available in a limited number each year.

What Accademia Kataklò offers is the opportunity to structure and build an individuality as an artist thereby creating an autonomous repertoire that can be presented in very different settings. The aim is to create professionals who can be included in any kind of production in the international arena, in the world of television, advertising and especially theater. The Kataklò Company is then the synthesis of the work that is done in the Academy, and some of the students may have, by merit, the opportunity to join the company.

Sì, nella sede di Accademia Kataklò presso Dancehaus Susanna Beltrami a Milano, si possono frequentare dei corsi pomeridiani aperti a tutti. Sono CORSI OPEN rivolti a tutte le età, dai bambini molto piccoli fino agli adulti.
Esistono poi corsi per professionisti chiamati KATAPRO ai quali possono accedere sia danzatori professionisti sia acrobati che vogliono continuare a lavorare sulla propria formazione nei tempi che il loro mestiere gli consente.
Accademia Kataklò tiene stage, workshop in tutta Italia e all’estero, attuando collaborazioni con vari tipi di strutture da scuole di musical, a società di ginnastica e centri di formazione teatrale.
Altra iniziativa è quella del KATATRIS e del KATASUMMER che si svolgono nei periodi di vacanza scolastica (Natale, Pasqua ed estate) proprio per chi ha desiderio di entrare in contatto con il metodo Kataklò.
Queste iniziative si affiancano anche a seminari e approfondimenti sulla parte espressiva applicata a sport artistici come appunto la ginnastica e il pattinaggio.

Percorsi Professionali Kataklò


Three-year Professional Training, Annual Academy Approach Course, Auditions, Teacher Training, On-site and Off-site Workshops, Amateur Courses for children and youth.

The audition is free of charge and includes a class in classical technique or barre on the floor, guided training in Katakló Method and acrobatics, and a contemporary class.

Next, each candidate will show their solo, lasting a maximum of 1 minute and 30 minutes.

Individual interviews with the Artistic Director will be held at the end.
If you cannot join us in Milan request your audition online!

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