Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre
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Office & Management 
Artistic Direction
Giulia Staccioli




Concept & Direction
  • Giulia Staccioli
  • Giulia Staccioli
Costume Design
  • Giulia Staccioli
Costume making
  • Giovanna Bertani
  • AA.VV.
Staged with
  • Davide Agostini
  • Marcello Barbieri
  • Paolo Bucci
  • Ilaria Cavagna
  • Mauro Maurizio Colucci
  • Tiziana Di Pilato
  • Irene Germini
  • Giulia Staccioli
  • Daniela Vergani
  • Marco Zanotti

Choreographic, almost rarefied and surreal frames.

Up is a show that draws inspiration from the mountains and their landscapes, reflecting on the relationship between man and nature. The mountain is a physical, imposing and massive entity that is broken down and analysed in detail to arrive at its imposing and dynamic essence.

Supported by extensive mountain paraphernalia such as ropes, slings, poles and skis, in the first half the dancers fill the stage space with exuberant physicality and athletic prowess. They are swaggering, cocky men who see reaching the summit only as a challenge, willing to do anything to win it. Facing the mountain, however, leads to change: the climb becomes for the man a journey within and beyond himself.

The choreographic pictures of the second half become rarefied and surreal: now it is the flowers, the animals, the ice that dialogue with man in a dance that becomes less impetuous but equally intense. It is the mountain that shows itself to man, leading him along a path of catharsis in which water, which gives life and purifies, becomes a symbol.