Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre
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Office & Management 
Artistic Direction
Giulia Staccioli


Beyond the limits


Conception and Creation
  • Giulia Staccioli
  • Giulia Staccioli
  • Jessica Gandini
Choreography Assistant
  • Paola Corio Kahler
Original Music and Drama
  • Andrea Pozzoli
Costume Design
  • Brunella Cosenza
  • Sara Costantini
Costume Realization
  • Brunella Cosenza
  • Caterina Rizzo
Light Design
  • Simone Masserini
Set Design
  • Elisabetta Gabbioneta
  • Giulia Staccioli
Shaolin and Tai Ji Quan Advisor
  • Valter Carboni
Staged with
  • Maria Agatiello
  • Davide Agostini
  • Sara Bornati
  • Ilaria Cavagna
  • Mauro Maurizio Colucci
  • Irene Germini
  • Valentina Marino
  • Giulia Piolanti
  • Stephen Pribaz
  • Davide Rabaioli
  • Gabriele Zappa
  • Marco Zanotti

The Dream of Flying

Based on the novel by Richard Bach, Livingston is a metaphor in which flight represents a process of evolution: the individual's quest and inner growth. The set design is a modular metal structure that occupies the entire stage; it initially seems an insurmountable obstacle, a sort of cage reflecting the narrowness of the flock from which Livingston originates, but the structure itself gradually becomes an important support for the winged creatures of his new flock, allowing them to perform extraordinary and fascinating manoeuvres: all uncertainties and limitations disappear.

The story, structured around a series of pictures, moves and captivates the audience with the strength and intensity of the choral movements that conceal a moving depth and delicacy.

This lightness of gesture is clearly seen in the agility and physical prowess of the dancers, who leap from one level of the structure to another, only to remain suspended in mid-air.

The musical scores were composed for the occasion by Andrea Pozzoli.