Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre
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Office & Management 
Artistic Direction
Giulia Staccioli




Concept & Art Direction
  • Giulia Staccioli
Artistic Collaboration
  • Vito Cassano
  • Alberta Palmisano
  • Giulio Crocetta
  • Eleonora Guerrieri
  • Stefano Ruffato
  • Matteo Battista
  • Sara Palumbo
  • Carolina Cruciani
Technical Director
  • Marco Farneti
Elements of Stage and Costume
  • Valerio Brambilla
  • Greta Gasparini
  • Francesca Moioli
  • Beatrice Torresin
  • AA.VV.
Staged with
  • Maria Agatiello
  • Giulio Crocetta
  • Eleonora Guerrieri
  • Stefano Ruffato
  • Marco Zanotti

The search for a new, expressive, intense and theatrical movement.

The show celebrates the company's 25-year milestone. The title refers to the exclamation of the mathematician Archimedes who shouts "I have found" to share his amazing discovery.

Giulia Staccioli communicates with equal vigor her reworked and unprecedented vision of Idea and her desire to share with the audience her search for a new, expressive, intense, theatrical movement.

Eureka is a square show, the beating heart of which is represented by the physicality and expressiveness of six performers, who in some choreographies of the show are responsible for sharing the stage with some extras from the audience eager to take an active and performative part in the success of the show. The presence of the extras helps make the show a fresh homage to the very concept of live performance: a manifesto on the natural harmony between performer and audience, choreography and natural movement.

It is a marriage of theater and reality, generous collaboration between the parties, a joy for the eyes and art directed at sharing the deepest collective feelings.

Eureka makes its Italian debut
To celebrate 25 years since the founding of the Italian company Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre, choreographer and artistic director Giulia Staccioli offers Italian audiences an exclusive remount of Eureka made especially for a tour of Brazil that took place between October and November 2019.
The show has been enriched and revised in choreographic, musical and scenic choices.
In Eureka, the character of the company remains intact and clearly recognizable, that which has made Kataklò the most beloved and sought-after Italian Athletic Dance Theatre company in the world: the universality of the language, capable of blending bodies, lights, shadows and sounds in a scene that is as curated and evocative as it is essential and engaging for the widest and most heterogeneous audience.